You mean this post?


Welcome to the internet. Sometimes you might see a nekkid person.

This is tumblr, where porn is a click away. And it’s tagged NSFW, anyways. This blog has the word FUCK in the title, so FUCK I might FUCKING post a FUCKING picture of a semi-naked woman covered in MST3k swag.

I thought the pics were more funny than anything. Those kinds of pictures make me laugh. Why are you draping yourself in that stuff?



We always talk about the “Manos” episode because the movie is so bad, but what we really should be talking about is how Joel is extra, extra adorable in it.


Tonight’s experiment:  3.15 Teenage Caveman (with Aquatic Wizards and Catching Trouble shorts)

So that second short is rather heartbreaking.  I hate zoos, y’all, and that Ross is a monster.

Ah, one of the many delights Roger Corman has perpetrated upon the world.  And starring a young Robert Vaugh, who was a bit of a looker in a rectangular, 50s kind of way.

So Eegah is totes a sequel to this right?  Too bad there are no lumbering elderly Trumpys in that one.

In conclusion: Robert Vaughn will be back in The Sweet Sweetback Affair Hustle!


My experiment today is “The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living And Became Mixed Up Zombies”

I can’t resist this title. 

Let’s see what Mike and the Bots will think of it. 

It’s okay. Got transphobic jokes in it, so watch out. I like it in spite of their ignorance.