i remember being 10/11 and watching this episode of MST3K with my family and my step-sister’s friend in our living room. as the episode progressed, i was getting increasingly aware of how “not-into-it” everyone else was. halfway through this bit, my mom told me to change the channel because it was “freaking [step-sister’s friend] out.” then i got real pissy about it and stormed off to another room.



The site that I contribute to, AnnotatedMST.com (explaining all those obscure riffs you just don’t get), and SHOUT! Factory have teamed up to make Mitchell the first full episode of MST3K available online, complete with riff annotations!


coily: Something has been bugging me: in "Touch of Satan", did Melissa make Jody come to the farm with her Satan powers? It seems like for a while she plays up the role of a quixotic manic pixie dream girl to get Jody to fall in love with her and wants to pass on her satanic possession onto him but she seems to not want that. your thoughts?

My headcanon:

  • Jody first accidentally met Melissa.
  • Melissa genuinely likes him. But Gorgo and Mormo (of the Thousand-Faced Moon) liked him too. So she was compelled to keep him around.
  • Melissa’s sister tries to warn him to leave.
  • Melissa hopes that by revealing the truth to Jody he’ll leave and never come back. He even tries to, but Satan’s touch has its claw in him and he comes back, because he wants to try and save her.
  • Whether by the power of True Love (TM) or by Gorgo/Mormo’s trickery, Jody DOES save her, but she ages rapidly. Jody refuses to lose her and allows Satan to take him and give him the dark power to restore her youth.
  • So a downer ending. Also the credits roll backwards.