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I miss this. They didn’t come to St. Louis this year which is a total bummer. The second time I met them, they were even more gracious. No videos of that one, just pictures and memories. Oh. And the box of goodies that Trace gave me full of Darkstar goodies. After they told me I made them feel like the Beatles. It was a good night man, a good night. Come back Cinematic Titanic. St. Louis misses you.


My entire family (EXCEPT FOR ME) went to Cinematic Titanic last year when it came to STL. These are the pics of my brother with the gang.

Why didn’t I go? Because I was the biggest fucking idiot in the world.

Well, actually, it’s because I wasn’t an MST3K fan yet…I’ve deluded myself into believing it’s okay I didn’t go then, because I would’ve felt really stupid not knowing who anyone was.

But it still kills me a little inside. If they would only come back… T-T

Gotta admire the constant superfan grin. I am infinitely jealous.

MST3K: The Beast of Yucca Flats

Dr. Forrester: Frank, I'm going to start slapping you now and I may never stop.
TV's Frank: Let the healing process begin.

So I was watching Invader ZIM the other day and saw under the credit for Head Writers:


Frank Conniff!

As in TV’s Frank!!

I knew I liked that show!