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“ Everything’s ringing! Oh, now we know what the world sounds like to Pete Townshend. ”

—    MST3K Movie

So I apologize to all my followers who arent into MST3K…


…but I just discovered FuckyeahMST3K and it’s awesome.  And I’m reblogging everything.

Be patient.  It will end soon.

And if you don’t watch MST3K…or RiffTrax….YOU SHOULD.  They’re freakin awesome. 

Please, by all means, go ahead and reblog. Welcome, and thanks for following!

Sherlock Hiatus Recommendation #14: Mystery Science Theatre 3000


Okay, I’ll admit this will be one of the most vague recommendations in regards to its connection to Sherlock – as in there really isn’t one. Hell, it isn’t even British. But I don’t care. Mystery Science Theatre 3000 is magnificent and easily capable of reducing me to laughter-tears. Everyone needs to watch this so I’m not all lonesome

Mystery Science Theatre 3000 (AKA mst3k) was an American cult television show that ran from 1988 to 1999. The premise was simple – Joel Robinson is shot into space by his two evil scientist bosses and forced to watch the worst films ever made. For Science!

In order to survive, he riffs on the films with two of the four robots he built out of the ship itself – Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot. When he eventually escapes, Mike Nelson is sent up to replace him. Besides the host segments (which I honestly love) the show quite literally mainly consists of three silhouettes making jokes about the films they are forced to watch.


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This is one of the best and most comprehensive introductory posts I’ve ever seen. Show this post to your friends who don’t know about the show. They even link to us, and to my spreadsheet. I am honored!