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We kick the nipple beer
Steady as we go
We’re flying over trout
Ghetto down the highway
At the speed of light
All I wanna feel nowIs the wind in my eyes
Sack of monkeys in my pocket
My sister’s ready to go!
Hear the engines roar now!
Idiot control now!
Hideous control now!
Ninny on the road now!
Minnie in control,
Wheels on fire,
Burning rubber tires!
Blurry jelly rolls now.
Hiddy lets it go now 
Needy inches bow down.
Pitying a poor boy
Here the engines roar
Bees on pie
Burning rubber tires!

MST3k Short - Posture Pals

From Episode #0320 - The Unearthly, featuring a school-age Melissa Gilbert, future president of the S.A.G.